My Weekend at OpenWest (Thoughts, Reactions, and Slides)

And with a fun Saturday, OpenWest 2013 finished the same way as it started, with me sitting in my hotel room, excited to implement what I have learned (or will learn) at OpenWest. Even more impressive than the knowledge shared during the sessions was the warmth and openness of the people I met this weekend. 

How I find myself worthy to stand with these great men and women, I’ll never know.

Taken together as a whole, I’ve never met a group of people so selfless and kind as the people I met this weekend. Their only desire was for the attendees to learn and grow and enjoy their time at UVU. How I find myself worthy to stand with these great men and women, I’ll never know. But it’s a great joy to be counted as a speaker and mentor at OpenWest.

Tomorrow, I fly back to the real world, but things will be different. Code, bugs, and people who rely on me to know what the future of the web looks like wait for me in South Dakota, and after this week, I feel better equipped to lead and innovate and change the world than I have in a very long time. For that, I have Steve, Victor, and the rest of the OpenWest team to thank.

I am so thankful for the opportunity to share what I’ve learned about design principles and responsive web development with the open source community here in Utah. You guys were all willing and able students, and I count it a privilege to help equip you to change the world through the web. I’ve included the slides for my presentations below. If you use what you learned this week in a project you’re working on, PLEASE share it below in the comments. Nothing brings me greater joy than seeing people that I’ve taught change the world through beautifully usable designs or responsive projects that they wouldn’t have tackled without my sessions.

I’m also working on putting together the CSS from Sticks, Spit, and Ducttape so you can code along with the slides. I’ll put it here as soon as I’m finished.

Thanks again, Utah, for one of the best conference¬†weekends I’ve ever experienced.