Coding Music: The Hooten Hallers

Story time! When I spoke at OpenWest last summer, a friend and I were walking around downtown Provo and stumbled across a local establishment called ABG’s. There was a crowd overflowing out into the street, so being bored, we decided to see what was happening. We paid our cover charge, went in, and there was a live band playing. It was amazing, but as we left, I forgot to ask what the band’s name was.

Recalling the night six months later, I emailed ABG’s booking manager to see who was playing, and he introduced me to the Hooten Hallers. They’ve been in my regular rotation since and there’s little chance of them leaving it any time soon. They’re great to code to as their music blends into the background as you work.

Here are a couple of their songs

Who else has been added to your playlist lately? Any good bands I need to know about? Throw them in the comments or tweet me at @joshbroton.