The Interactions Are What Matter

Alexis and her iPadThere’s something about the pulpit that the Internet gives us that makes us want to offer our opinions about everything. The latest source of drama is the release of iOS7, Apple’s extremely different-looking version of it’s popular mobile operating system. My Twitter feed is pretty evenly split, with (what I estimate is) about 60% of people disliking the change overall. I was unsure what I thought about it until this morning.

As I was pouring my last cup of coffee before I came to work, my two-year-old wandered out of our bedroom with our iPad. She hadn’t used it since I updated it to iOS7, so I was excited to get her unique perspective on the changes. She climbed up on the couch, turned on the screen, unlocked the iPad, and proceeded to play her puzzle game.

I stopped her, saying, “Did you see how much different the iPad looks?”

“No daddy, it’s the same, see?,” she replied rather matter-of-factly as she hit home, swiped through screens, and started an episode of Curious George.

We’re hung up on the colors, the font, the flat vs skeuomorphic elements, and the new “modern” feel of the operating system. What we fail to realize, as we dwell on inconsequential details, is the interactions are what matter, and they’re still as great as they were on Wednesday morning.

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